Thursday, September 17, 2015


Sometimes it becomes hard to decide when a hotel has to increase the range of hotel amenities provided but the true is that the fact to include more kind of toiletries or room accessories is much easier to amortize than any other services such a breakfast or shuttle transports.

It is indeed that in most hotels there are different kinds of rooms. Normally the difference between rooms use to be the size, the equipment of the toilet, the orientation or simply the services provided such a breakfast, internet service or shuttle transports to the airport or city center.

Since every hotel chases a different customer's profile then the necessities that each customer will believe essential in each case may variate. If we had to evaluate which hotel amenities would fit perfectly for almost all customer's profiles those could be TOILETRIES and ROOM ACCESSORIES.  

Products such as shampoo,shower gel or body lotion  can be perfectly complemented with any other toiletry such as dental kit, shaving kit, soap,cotton bud or comb in order to differentiate each room and its cost. How it does cost? much less than the most of hotel managers think.

Let's take a look of the average costs of these items in relation with the average cost of a hotel room 3-4 stars in Thailand (THB/USD) ;

Average cost room: 1,500 THB / 40.5 USD




For the example, we just have contrasted the cost of the amenities provided against the total cost of the ROOM. Obviously  although the room price used has been the same for the three different options this should be increased for each case making even smaller the impact cost of the amenities.

If we compare the SIMPLE and SUITE rooms ,which are the most different, we can see that the total cost difference is 2.62% by using the same room cost. At the same time and by taking a look of the DELUXE room, we observe that its cost difference between the below and superior level are 1.46% and 1.16%  respectively.

This simple but clear exercise it helps us to realize about the multiple options that hotel amenities provide us in order to create different room's levels without having to think about free breakfast buffets or coordinating any shuttle transport. Of course the same exercise can be done by using room accessories such as sewing kit,loofah,emery board...