Friday, June 12, 2015

HOTEL SLIPPERS, What about them?

Slippers are becoming one of the most important amenities provided in hotels around the world. Hotel slippers have been designed for offering to the guests the option of moving around the room, bathroom included, in a comfortable and clean footwear. 

 Like in some of our old post we believe essential study our hotel's profile before deciding the kind of hotel amenities that we will use and in the case of slippers isn't different.

Let's review the two most outstanding models;


Probably the most popular. These kind of slippers thought to be replaced every day are normally made by using NON-WOVEN material which is fresh and durable enough for a day use. The sole use to be made by EVA material providing cushioning and grip properties important for wet areas such the bathroom or pool.


Normally used in a 5 stars hotels or reserved for suite rooms. There is a big range of materials for their production but the main feature is that these material need to be strong enough to be washed at least 5 times. The most common materials for their production are Cotton and Cotton Velour. The thickness of the sponge needs to be at least 3 mm and for the sole no less than 2 mm. For the sole EVA is probably the most used material although PVC or Rubber are also used and in fact provide a plus of quality with a minimum extra cost. Close toe and Open toe are available for the most of models.


Based on these two models we can find much more styles. Lately, and specially for the hotels located near the beach, some hotels are using EVA sandals in order to provide their customers with a footwear capable to be used inside the room and outside on the pool or beach.

Of course all kind of slippers can be customized with the hotel's name like the rest of hotel amenities.

Then what do you think about hotel slippers?? let us know your opinion!