Thursday, September 17, 2015


Sometimes it becomes hard to decide when a hotel has to increase the range of hotel amenities provided but the true is that the fact to include more kind of toiletries or room accessories is much easier to amortize than any other services such a breakfast or shuttle transports.

It is indeed that in most hotels there are different kinds of rooms. Normally the difference between rooms use to be the size, the equipment of the toilet, the orientation or simply the services provided such a breakfast, internet service or shuttle transports to the airport or city center.

Since every hotel chases a different customer's profile then the necessities that each customer will believe essential in each case may variate. If we had to evaluate which hotel amenities would fit perfectly for almost all customer's profiles those could be TOILETRIES and ROOM ACCESSORIES.  

Products such as shampoo,shower gel or body lotion  can be perfectly complemented with any other toiletry such as dental kit, shaving kit, soap,cotton bud or comb in order to differentiate each room and its cost. How it does cost? much less than the most of hotel managers think.

Let's take a look of the average costs of these items in relation with the average cost of a hotel room 3-4 stars in Thailand (THB/USD) ;

Average cost room: 1,500 THB / 40.5 USD




For the example, we just have contrasted the cost of the amenities provided against the total cost of the ROOM. Obviously  although the room price used has been the same for the three different options this should be increased for each case making even smaller the impact cost of the amenities.

If we compare the SIMPLE and SUITE rooms ,which are the most different, we can see that the total cost difference is 2.62% by using the same room cost. At the same time and by taking a look of the DELUXE room, we observe that its cost difference between the below and superior level are 1.46% and 1.16%  respectively.

This simple but clear exercise it helps us to realize about the multiple options that hotel amenities provide us in order to create different room's levels without having to think about free breakfast buffets or coordinating any shuttle transport. Of course the same exercise can be done by using room accessories such as sewing kit,loofah,emery board...


Sunday, July 5, 2015


Here it is some interesting information about the international tourism tendencies

International tourist arrivals

World's top tourism destinations

World's top international tourism receipts

International tourist arrivals & receipts South-East Asia

Well then, what do you think about these tendences??

Friday, June 12, 2015

HOTEL SLIPPERS, What about them?

Slippers are becoming one of the most important amenities provided in hotels around the world. Hotel slippers have been designed for offering to the guests the option of moving around the room, bathroom included, in a comfortable and clean footwear. 

 Like in some of our old post we believe essential study our hotel's profile before deciding the kind of hotel amenities that we will use and in the case of slippers isn't different.

Let's review the two most outstanding models;


Probably the most popular. These kind of slippers thought to be replaced every day are normally made by using NON-WOVEN material which is fresh and durable enough for a day use. The sole use to be made by EVA material providing cushioning and grip properties important for wet areas such the bathroom or pool.


Normally used in a 5 stars hotels or reserved for suite rooms. There is a big range of materials for their production but the main feature is that these material need to be strong enough to be washed at least 5 times. The most common materials for their production are Cotton and Cotton Velour. The thickness of the sponge needs to be at least 3 mm and for the sole no less than 2 mm. For the sole EVA is probably the most used material although PVC or Rubber are also used and in fact provide a plus of quality with a minimum extra cost. Close toe and Open toe are available for the most of models.


Based on these two models we can find much more styles. Lately, and specially for the hotels located near the beach, some hotels are using EVA sandals in order to provide their customers with a footwear capable to be used inside the room and outside on the pool or beach.

Of course all kind of slippers can be customized with the hotel's name like the rest of hotel amenities.

Then what do you think about hotel slippers?? let us know your opinion!


Wednesday, April 8, 2015


During the last years terms like "going green" and "eco-friendly have become buzz words on talk shows,commercials and product packaging. This concept it becomes even more important when we talk about hotel amenities because can represent a fantastic way for showing our hotel's philosophy.

It is normal during the design of the packaging for our hotel amenities playing with the printed colors in order to get the "eco-friendly concept" but the real eco-friendly amenities are those that besides be packed in a nice green packaging also are manufactured by using eco-friendly raw materials.

Some examples could be:

                                       Recycle bag packaging (made 100% by recycle paper)

Straw plastic Toothbrush (made by wastes from the injection machine)

Cloth laundry bags (thought to  be reused)

Then if your hotel is located in a paradise island or on the top of the mountains or simply concerned about environment there are no doubts that eco-friendly products will contribute to your purposes.


Wednesday, April 1, 2015

CUSTOM BRAND or GENERIC DESIGN for my hotel amenities??

Nowadays the culture of "branding" is considered one of the best strategies to promote any kind of business but when it really worth purchasing CUSTOM BRAND HOTEL AMENITIES? 

There is a key for answering this question and that key factor is none other than THE SIZE.
Understanding that when we talk about "SIZE" we are referring to the number of rooms or to the fact that our hotel it is a member of a chain.

The Size of a hotel together with seasonality are the two most important factors for calculating the consumption and here it is the point because the BIG DIFFERENCE  between "CUSTOMIZED HOTEL AMENITIES" and " GENERIC HOTEL AMENITIES" when we purchase them IS THE MINIMUM ORDER. 

Generally the minimum orders for " CUSTOMIZED HOTEL AMENITIES " are around 5.000 - 10.000 pcs per item and for " GENERIC HOTEL AMENITIES" around 2.000 - 3.000 pcs per item.

Taking a look of this information quickly we realize that hotels below 50 rooms with an average annual occupancy of 65% and opening 350 days a year would stock over 6 month if they purchased
"CUSTOMIZED HOTEL AMENITIES". On the other hand, purchasing " GENERIC HOTEL AMENITIES" would decrease to a half the storage time being able to provide different levels of quality of ROOM AMENITIES by depending the category of room.

Those hotels above 50 rooms or members of hotel chains in our opinion should decide the option of purchase " CUSTOMIZED HOTEL AMENITIES " in order to create an standard design for all them and strengthen the hotel's brand.

If we check about the cost of the HOTEL AMENITES  the true is that it doesn't exist any difference between " GENERIC HOTEL AMENITIES" and "CUSTOMIZED HOTEL AMENITIES" comparing equal quality. Then everything will be determined by the quality of the items, the kind of packaging or the number of colors that we want to print in our packagings.

An example of a good generic line of HOTEL AMENITIES could be the brand EASY DAY by CATHAI C CONNECTION CO.,LTD.




Sunday, March 29, 2015

Do I need to provide my customers with room amenities? Which of them should I provide?

If sometime you have wondered this question probably is because you have the responsibility of managing a hotel. Here we go with some tips for helping you in your decision.

It is indeed that the fact of including room amenities it directly affects to the cost per guest and day apparently decreasing the merge of benefit per room but nothing could be further from the truth.

Hotel amenities in most cases represent the only way to differentiate from the rest of competitors due to is an affordable option for every hotel.

We must consider that the amenities that we provide in our rooms need to be appropriate depending of the kind of room. In this way we will be able to create different levels of excellence in order to absorb the cost of them.

Generally we could talk of 6 levels of room depending of the amenities provided:

Level 0

Toiletries: Soap, Shower gel dispenser (rechargeable).

Room Accessories: -

(Hostels, guesthouses)

Level 1

Toiletries: Soap, Shower gel (tube/bottle 20mL), Conditioning Shampoo (tube/bottle 20mL), Cotton buds and Shower cap.

Room Accessories: -

(Hotels 1-2 stars)

Level 2

Toiletries: Soap, Shower gel (tube/bottle 30mL), Conditioning Shampoo (tube/bottle 30mL), Cotton buds, Shower cap, Dental kit (toothbrush & toothpaste) and Sanitary bag .

Room Accessories: Slippers (hotels located in Asia).

(Hotels 2-3 stars)

Level 3

Toiletries: Soap, Shower gel (tube/bottle 30mL), Conditioning Shampoo (tube/bottle 30mL), Cotton buds, Sanitary bag, Dental kit (toothbrush & toothpaste), Shower cap, Shaving kit (razor & shaving cream) and Comb.                    

Room Accessories: Slippers and Sewing kit.

(Hotels 3-4 stars)

Level 4

Toiletries: Soap, Shower gel (tube/bottle 40mL), Shampoo (tube/bottle 40mL), Conditioner (tube/bottle 40mL), Body Lotion ( tube/bottle 40mL ), Cotton buds,  Sanitary  bag,  Dental kit (toothbrush & toothpaste), Shower cap, Shaving kit (razor& shaving cream), Comb and Emery board & Cotton pads (Vanity Kit).                               

Room Accessories: Slippers,Sewing kit, Shoe shine mitt.

(Hotels 4 stars)

Level 5

Toiletries: Soap, Shower gel (tube/bottle 50mL), Shampoo (tube/bottle 50mL), Conditioner (tube/bottle 50mL), Body Lotion (tube/bottle 50mL), Cotton buds, Sanitary bag, Dental kit (toothbrush & toothpaste), Shower cap, Shaving kit (razor& shaving cream), Comb, Emery board & Cotton pads (Vanity Kit) and Bath Brush / Loofah.                                    
Room Accessories: Waffle Slippers,Sewing kit, Shoehorn, Shoe shine sponge, Shoe shine mitt, Cloth Laundry bag.
(Hotels 5 stars)

Obviously this is a generic classification and any hotel could believe interesting increasing the range of the room amenities chasing a higher satisfaction from their customers.

Anyway what is sure is that improving your amenities is more viable than building a bigger swimming pool in order to satisfy your customers.

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Saturday, March 28, 2015

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